Common Questions

How many treatments will I need?

As each problem and individual is unique, how many treatments are required will vary depending on the condition. Commonly, acute problems may only require one to four treatments, all in a short period of time. Chronic problems may require more treatments overall, but with gaps of between one to six months in-between.

How long is each treatment?

An initial consultation can take between 45 to 60 minutes, which allows enough time for a thorough case history, examination, explanation of the condition, and treatment. Follow up treatments are usually shorter, and take between 30-45 minutes.

Is it common to get treatment reactions?

You may experience mild soreness for a day or two after treatment, similar to that felt after mild exercise. If this soreness persists or increases significantly, call to discuss your concerns.

What does a treatment cost?

Both initial and follow up treatments cost 900 kr.

Can an osteopath treat pregnant women?

Absolutely! Common problems experienced during pregnancy are low back and pelvis pain, sciatica, swelling and muscle and joint aches. These types of problems can be helped by treatment of an osteopath, and can be a great compliment to the care provided by a mid-wife or doctor.

Can an osteopath treat children?

Yes, those 8 years of age and older. The treatment techniques generally used with children are quite gentle. Common problems an osteopath can help children with are scoliosis, muscle and joint aches, headaches and sporting injuries.

Can I use "friskvårdsbidrag"?

Osteopathy is on Skatteverkets list of professions/activities that can be tax-free movement and preventative health benefits. Make sure to check with your employer exactly what is offered by your workplace.

Is there research supporting Osteopathy?

Research within the osteopathic profession has taken place over many years. Below are links to an international science journal dedicated to the osteopathic profession as well as a website with an up to date summary of the research that supports osteopathy and osteopathic treatment.